Text Collections

Strong Female Characters

Ragan, K. (Ed) (1998, 2002) Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters. New York: W.W. Norton & Co. Inc. ISBN 0-393-32046-4

Phelps, E. J. (Ed)(1981) The Maid of the North. New York: Henry Holt & Co. Inc. ISBN 0-8050-0679-


 Wolkstein, D. (Ed)(1978) The Magic Orange Tree And Other Hatian Folktales. New York: Alfred A. Knopf Inc. ISBN 0-8052-0650-7

Dinh, V. (Ed) (1970) The Toad is The Emperor’s Uncle: Animal Folktales from Vietnam. New York: Doubleday

McGarry, M. (ED) (1972, 1986) Great Folktales of Ireland. London: Muller, Blond & White.

ISBN 0-584-62330-5

Te Kanawa, K. (Ed) (1989) Land of the Long White Cloud: Maori Myths, Tales and Legends. New York: Arcade Publishing Inc. ISBN 1-55970-046-7

McGowan, H. (Ed) (1988) Leprechauns, Legends and Irish Tales. London: Victor Gallancz

ISBN 0-575-04261-3

Myth Collections

Evans, C. (2002) Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths and Legends. London: Usborne Publishing, Ltd. ISBN 978074608114-3

Osborne, M. (1989) Favorite Greek Myths. New York: Scholastic ISBN 0-590-41339-2

Individual Stories


 Mosel, A. (1968) Tikki Tikki Tembo. New York: Scholastic ISBN 0-590-41622-7

dePaola, T. (1975) Strega Nona. New York: Scholastic ISBN 0-590-370-38-3

Pourquoi Tales

Aardema, V. (1975) Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears. New York: Scholastic ISBN 0-590-10294-x

Cameron, A. (1991) Raven and Snipe. Madeira Park, B.C: Harbour Publishing ISBN 1-55017-037-6

Cameron, A. (1985) How the Loon lost her voice. Madiera Park, B.C: Harbour Publishing

ISBN 0-920080-55-3

Craigan, C. (1993) How the Robin got Its Red Breast. Roberts Creek, B.C.: Nightwood Editions

ISBN 0-88971-158-5

Cumulative Tales

Muth, J. (2003) Stone Soup. New York: Scholastic

ISBN 0-439-64022-9

Greene, E. (2000) The Little Golden Lamb. New York: Clarion Books ISBN 0-395-71526-1


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