New Literacies

There are many ways to incorporate new literacies into a multimodal unit on storytelling.

Before the workshop:

  • students search the internet for websites, videos and photos related to the culture they are studying
  • students contact experts in the field through the internet and ask questions and receive feedback
  • students explore and experiment with software that would allow them to represent their stories in many ways
  • students help to prepare the blog, website, or moodle that will house their work
  • students blog about their growing understanding of the culture being studied, and any questions or concerns

During the workshop:

  • students search for stories and masks on the internet
  • students audio and videotape each other’s stories, interview each other about their learning, and take photos of their masks
  • students return to the internet to search for information regarding questions or issues that emerge during their writing and mask making

After the workshop:

  • students choose how to represent their stories, masks, and new learning about the culture being studied on the class blog, website or moodle
  • students may choose to make a movie using imovie or moviemaker, a comic or graphic novel format using Comic Life or Photostory, or through other combinations of text and images.
  • students comment on each other’s creations, receive feedback from their peers in the class, or across the school, Board, country, or world!

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